Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Star Themed Newly Listed Items

In honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, Clay's Craft & Candle Creations has been working on red, white, and blue candles and stars. Check out my star collection here.

Today, I am working on a large stacked star pillar candle and then I will be making some larger individual star candles.

The star candles are available in any of my available fragrances and may be requested in larger quantities. (this does not include the red, white, blue candles at the top of this post)

Sexy Little Thing (Pale Pink)
Butt Naked (Melon)
Sage (Sage Green)
Drakkar (Black)
Pumpkin Spice (Spiced Pumpkin)
Creamy Cocoa (Mahogany)
Twilight (Navy Blue)
Jasmine Vanilla (Aqua)
Endless Love (Colonial Blue)
Fresh Biscuits (Maize)
Cool Water (Royal Blue)
Midnight Pomegranate (Burgundy)
Birthday Cake (Maize)
Sweet Serenade (Lime Green)
Whipped Cream (White)
Passionate Kisses (Magenta) 

Please feel free to email me at clayscraft@gmail.com with any questions.

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