Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shop and Products Discussion

My Etsy shop, clayscraft, specializes in handmade candles and wax tarts. 

My candles are available in 16 oz & 8 oz jars, standard & wide votives, tea lights, 16 oz pillars, 2 oz stars, .5 oz stars, chunk votives, chunk pillars, cupcake shaped, 10 oz stacked star pillar, 8 oz water bottle shaped, unique glass containers, 16 oz heart glass, and 16 oz tin containers.

My tarts are available in .5 oz roses, .5 oz tulips, .5 oz stars, and standard 1 oz tarts.

These items are very reasonably priced. I only hate that I have to charge for shipping! lol

I currently have 16 available fragrances.

Sexy Little Thing (Pale Pink)
Butt Naked (Melon)
Sage (Sage Green)
Drakkar (Black)
Pumpkin Spice (Spiced Pumpkin)
Creamy Cocoa (Mahogany)
Twilight (Navy Blue)
Jasmine Vanilla (Aqua)
Endless Love (Colonial Blue)
Fresh Biscuits (Maize)
Cool Water (Royal Blue)
Midnight Pomegranate (Burgundy)
Birthday Cake (Maize)
Sweet Serenade (Lime Green)
Whipped Cream (White)
Passionate Kisses (Magenta)

Materials typically used are paraffin wax, candle fragrance oil, candle dye chips, and zinc core wire wicks.

Most of the products in my Etsy shop are available for custom order. Meaning you can request which fragrance you want and you can also request additional quantities.

I would love to start taking on larger orders, such as weddings or showers.

Visit for all new listing updates, weekly customer specials, and giveaways. Follow @clayscraft on Twitter for updates.

My listings are updated daily. I have only been posting since the end of April (2 months!) and my shop is constantly being tweaked to perfection. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. If you take the time to visit my shop, it would be much appreciated.

In upcoming posts I will be conducting a product review. We will see if this becomes a regular series. I will continue to conduct interviews with other crafters about their shops on Etsy. There will also be more giveaways!

I plan to talk about what inspires me and how I got started. And don't forget about my Friday's Finds!

Thanks for stopping by :) 

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