Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Finds, Handmade Movement

I am truly amazed by the wonderful supportive teams that Etsy has to offer. I have been posting items in my shop since April and only recently discovered the power of the teams within the last few weeks. I have joined a few and continue to learn so much from them.

The Handmade Movement Team was brought to my attention earlier this week. What is the Handmade Movement you ask? Well, let me tell you, they bring the term "supportive" up to a whole new level.

This team is not for new shops, exactly. This team is a group of people determined to help the new shops. If you are all about helping the new shops then this team is for you! If you have a successful shop on Etsy, maybe you remember what it felt like in the beginning when the sales were not coming in. You know how hard it can be getting started and how frustrating it is waiting for those first few sales.

Handmade Movement actually searches out those new shops that have no or just a few sales! They go in and give those shops a sneak attack. A sneak attack, from what I understand, can be done by purchasing items from that shop, adding the shop to their favorites or circles, adding items to their favorites, and generating lots of traffic into the shop! How amazing is that?!?!

So, in closing, I would just like to say that this team is doing a truly wonderful service for Etsy and if you are able to become a sponsor on this team, check them out today!!


  1. Thank you Angela. Another great piece on a wonderful group of people.

  2. Thank you, I can say it´s a pleasure to join this team, and supporting new shops is an amaizing feeling.

  3. Thank you so much for the write up to this wonderful team, my shop was part of a Sneak Attack in November and I will always be grateful to this wonderful group who supports their members and helps so many shops.

  4. As Captain of the Handmade Movement Team I'd like to thank you on their behalf for this fantastic write-up and for helping us get the word out to more people who may want to support our mission. All of my Team Members are wonderful, giving people. They not only encourage our "victims" but also one another with helpful tips and personal support. A great bunch to work with.
    Thanks again.


  5. So lovely to see this article about the Handmade Movement! I have been on the team for almost 3 years now and still get a "rush" on Sneak Attack day!

    A great group of people, a wonderful concept and yes, great shops to attack make for a lot of fun!