Monday, June 11, 2012

CANDLEMAKING for the first time

Crafty Book Review
I would like to recommend this book for anyone who is considering trying their hand at candle making.
Why I like this book
1. Offers a complete list of the basic tools and supplies you will need to get started.
2. The table of contents is very detailed.
3. Easy to follow step-by-step directions.
4. Great Pictures
The book begins with candle making basics, such as how to prepare your workspace, how to melt wax, how to add dye and scent, molds, and troubleshooting.
The next section goes over 8 different candle making techniques to get you started. You will learn how to make a basic dyed, scented candle using a mold. This section also teaches how to dip candles and ends with using bead wax and beeswax.
In section three, you will go beyond the basics and experiment with 22 different projects.
  • Multiple-wick Candle
  • Snowflake Candle
  • Layered Candle
  • Corrugated Candle
  • Star-filled Candle
  • Embedded Rustic Candle
  • Double-molded Candle
  • Seashell Gel Candle
  • Blender Candle
  • Candle Tart
  • Floating Candle
  • Citronella Candle
  • Stacked Heart Candle
  • Whipped Candle
  • Decoupaged Candle
  • Pressed-flower Candle
  • Sponge-painted Candle
  • Painted Candle
  • Bamboo Candle
  • Jungle Candle
  • Cracked Candle
  • Embellished Wicks
 The projects include pictures and detailed step-by-step directions.
The last section of the book offers many different ways to decorate with and display candles.
Also included is a metric equivalency chart.
Including the index, the book is 112 pages. Written by Vanessa-Ann.

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