Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Finds

This is a new series! I am going to start posting totally random, miscellaneous ideas, thoughts, finds, ANYTHING interesting on Fridays! So here goes :)

Ok, so these are star shaped cookie cutters that I found at Walmart yesterday. I am thinking of star shaped candles with the Fourth of July right around the corner! There are so many possibilities with these cookie cutters. I could make red, white, and blue stars to make a stacked candle. Or maybe a stand alone star candle. IDK.. we will see. This will be my experiment for next week :)

This is a miscellaneous find. There is an article in Woman's World this week asking What's your perfect summer scent? I thought it was interesting. Here is just a little bit of what the article says. If you ..
Are sporty and active in the summer your scent is Citrus.
Love nature and hiking your scent is Green (earthy, woodsy).
Tend to be near the water in the summer your scent is Ozonic (such as water lily & freesia).
Are romantic & emotional your scent is Floral.
Love fashion & glamour your scent is Oriental (spices, musky, exotic flowers).


I love this quote!
"One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time." 

          ~ John Wanamaker  

This is a really good one! I found a freebie!! Yes, you can go to the store and get Scrubbing Bubbles One Step for FREE. This is how:

Print this coupon for $4 off Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Kit.  

Dollar General and Family Dollar are selling these kits for $4 this week! Sooo.. take your coupon to one of these stores and get one for FREE! 

How awesome is that ?!?!! You could also get this deal at Walmart if you have a Dollar General or Family Dollar ad and just ask the cashier to price match.

Thanks, Mojosavings!

I need your help with this one. I thought I would throw these cans in here as an idea I have been tossing around for the last couple of days. My kids (all three of them) were sick last week and I bought more soup than usual. Looking at the empty soup cans one day, I decided to take the labels off of them and thought about pouring wax in them to make candles. They are the perfect size and a very sturdy container. My issue is that they are not attractive on the outside. So I am thinking of ways to decorate them. Maybe some cloth, ribbon, paint.. ANY IDEAS would be greatly appreciated!!!!

And so a new series is born! Thank you for joining me! Please let me know what you thought. And also I would be open to any of your random finds or ideas for a possible feature in a future post. You can email me at ~Angie


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