Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Craft Tutorial : How to Make Chunk Votive Candles

Today I am sharing how to make a chunk candle. One of my new favorite crafts! I made these last night..

Chunk Votive Candles
Supplies and Materials

Fourth of July Theme!

You will need a pouring pot, paraffin wax, candle fragrance oil (I used blueberry cobbler), candle dye (I used red and blue), wax chunks (I used red, white, and blue), crafting knife, votive molds, and votive wicks.

Wax Chunks in various colors
How to make wax chunks:

Melt the wax and divide into 3 separate containers. You can use pouring pots or soup cans. Color one red, one blue, leave one white. Add fragrance oil to the plain white wax.

Pour the different colors into an ice cube tray. Wait about 45 minutes. Wax should be cooled but not completely set. You can then scoop the chunks out of the tray and using a crafting knife, make about one-inch pieces.

First Layer

Place the votive wick in the center of a votive mold. Start by placing the blue chunks in being careful to keep the wick centered.

Second Layer

Next, place white chunks on top of the blue layer. Be sure the wick stays center and place some chunks around the outside edge so they will show through when the candle is done.

Third Layer

Next, place the red chunks on top of the white layer. Continue to make sure the wick stays in the middle. Don't be afraid to place some chunks sticking out of the cup. This will add to the uniqueness of the candle.

Melting Wax

Melt your wax to approx 175 degrees. Use the white, blueberry cobbler scented wax to pour into the chunked molds.

Initial Pour

Carefully, pour the melted wax over the chunks. Not all the way to the top. Leave plenty of room for a re-pour.

Adjust the wicks, if needed so that they are centered. Leave them to set for one hour.


Remelt the wax up to approx 185 degrees. Now carefully pour over the set wax to top off your candles.

Leave them to set for one hour.


After the candles are completely set, they should slide out of the mold. If they don't easily slide out then place in the freezer for 8 minutes. They will pop right out.

Aren't they cute???

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