Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interview with juBEADlation, Handmade Jewelry

I love jewelry and handmade jewelry is extra special! I would like to introduce you to Kelly, the owner of juBEADlation on Etsy. juBEADlation creates one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I love her shop!

Tell us about yourself, your shop, and what you make.

I am a married mother of 1 son, 1 step daughter and 2 fur babies (dachshunds). I work full time in a fiber glass factory. Jewelry making started off as a hobby to help de-stress. I have always been creative, took Commercial Art in High School at the Vocational School. I like to paint plasterware and make floral arrangements as well. There is just something special about jewelry making that is satisfying when someone wears your work and loves it as much as you did when you created it.

I started juBEADlation on my birthday last year. I wanted to share my passion for jewelry with others as my friends and family loved it. My shop is a work in progress as I am constantly learing new things on the team forums and tweeking as I go along. The name of my shop came from the word jubilation (the feeling I get when creating new pieces) and bead (my primary medium).

I make beaded jewelry ie: necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I have some new ideas that I plan to work on in the near future for additional categories. I love to work with lampwork glass beads, cat's eye glass beads and any unique beads that catch my eye. I love to work with different colors.

How did you get started in your craft?

I started making jewlery last summer. My son was in his second year of college and I wanted something to do in my spare time. I bought a jewelry making kit at Michaels and used up everything in the kit in 1 sitting. I was in love with this new hobby and had to get more supplies. From then on I knew this could turn into more.

Tell us about your favorite piece.

My favorite piece is a 3 Piece Set in Turquoise and Black. The beads are gorgeous with turquoise and black swirls and I added some black and silver beads to accent. I try very hard to get the photos to capture the beauty of my pieces but they are so much better in person.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by color and the uniqueness of the beads. I see a bead that I have never seen before used in jewelry and have to have it. I like to mix colors that are unexpected.

I am always open to creating custom pieces for a specific outfit or style.

Here are some items for sale at juBEADlation! These pieces are gorgeous and she has excellent prices. There are over 100 more items in her shop. Go check it out today!


Thank you to Kelly! I LOVE jewelry and am so excited to feature your shop!!


  1. I just bought a black and red earrings-and-necklace set today! Gorgeous work!

  2. A very nice feature. I love Kelly's jewelry.

  3. Awesome interview, beautiful jewelry!!

  4. I love Kellys jewelry to and can´t wait to give my daughter one of her 3 pieces set.

  5. Kelly has beautiful pieces! This is my favorite so far!

  6. Love Kelly's jewelry. Great interview!

  7. I have bought several sets from Kelly and get compliments from my coworkers. I enjoy wearing them. She does a great job creating color schemes. Nice interview!