Monday, June 25, 2012

An Interview with Knot Just Knots, Macrame Gift Shop

Macrame is the craft of creating decorative knotting. Today, I am featuring Steve, the owner of Etsy shop Knot Just Knots, Macrame Gift Shop. Knot Just Knots creates Macrame jewelry, accessories, and home decor! Check out some of Steve's work:

Tell us about yourself, your shop, and what you make. 

My name is Steve, and I began crafting in the 70's. That is when I started macrame. I decided to try to bring macrame back last year and opened my Etsy shop. I now have close to 300 macrame items for sale, plus some vintage items and handmade ceramics which I have poured and painted. My favorite piece is the Ivory Palace Plant Hanger, which goes far beyond a simple planter.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is to create beautiful jewelry, and home design elements which are unique and beautiful.

Be sure to check out Knot Just Knots, Macrame Gift Shop on Etsy! You will find a very lovely shop with over 300 amazing pieces!

Thank you to Steve for sharing your amazing talent! 

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