Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 6

Welcome to my 25 Days of Christmas Project! Today is December 5 and there are only 20 days until Christmas. I have made a promise to my children to spend special time with them. During our "25 Days of Christmas" countdown, we are using an advent calendar to organize our special daily activities. 

The kids took a HUGE part in the decorating this year! I thought I would share some pictures with you. One of our activities recently was to make paper snowflakes, which are now hanging in the windows. We used a lot of ornaments to decorate around the house. I love filling vases and glass bowls with ornaments. The girls also made some heart shaped ornaments that are filled with sand and used those as table decor on glass candle holders.

We also have lights strung all around throughout the house. Another theme we used is a large snowman with buckets of snow balls (styro foam). And the girls also made their own little snowmen using the styro foam balls and toothpicks. So cute :)

Yesterday, we drank hot chocolate and watched The Dog Who Saved Christmas. Tonight, the girls made Christmas cards and we watched Home Alone. They each made a list of who they wanted to give cards to and they had the choice of making their own cards or using ones we bought from the store. They are super excited to hand out their special cards.

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