Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Days Until Christmas Count Down : Day 2

Welcome to my 25 Days of Christmas Project! I will be posting Christmas related themes everyday until Christmas such as recipes, crafts, decor, movies, books, activities, shopping, trends, gift ideas, carols, parties, games, traditions, holiday cards, resolutions, lights, etc.

Day 2 : Christmas Lunch & Gift Exchange

Today is Saturday December 1, 2012. Wow.. The first day of December! How exciting! We have only 24 days until Christmas. This would be a nice time to arrange a get together with friends or family. During the first week of December, I know I am not nearly as stressed out as I will be towards the end of the month. Before the hustle and bustle of last minute plans swing into motion, why not exchange gifts with your closest friends now?

Here's what I'm doing today: Meeting with 10 other women at a nice Italian restaurant for lunch around noon. Just a nice relaxing get together where we can spend some quality time together and have our food served to us. This is really nice every once in a while, right!?

After we are done eating, we will be traveling about one block down the road to a greenhouse & garden center. This greenhouse is absolutely gorgeous around this time of the year. I remember always visiting here at least once during the season every year when I was little. The lights and decorations are breath-taking! It truly is a winter wonderland, with fascinating characters, decorated trees, lights everywhere, a gift shop that sells gorgeous ornaments, and even their own reindeer!! If you have a place such as this to visit during your day out, I highly recommend it!

With Christmas nostalgia in full bloom after spending a good amount of time in the "winter wonderland", we will continue our day at one of the ladies' houses. Where we will be exchanging Christmas socks!! I am so excited! If you choose to do a gift exchange with your friends, consider a themed gift. It really narrows your options (in a good way) so you are not spending hours wandering around from store to store searching for a gift. It can be very challenging to purchase a gift for someone when you don't actually know who will end up with it. 

Here are some ideas for a themed gift exchange:

*Christmas socks
*Christmas books
*Christmas ornaments
*Christmas cds
*Scarves and/or gloves
*Picture frames
*Water globes
*Christmas decorations
*Robes and/or slippers
*Kitchen Utensils

Summary: Have a fun and relaxing day, hopefully surrounded by friends, family, and Christmas cheer!        

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  1. GREAT ideas, TFS! Hope your day was fun and stress free.