Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Countdown ~ Day 15

Welcome to my 25 Days of Christmas Project! We're counting down the days til Christmas, sharing activities, ideas, and cheer with you!

Day 15 : Decorate Cookies, Cupcakes, Gingerbread Houses

A tradition in my family is baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Now my children always spend the night at my mom's on a weekend before Christmas, usually a week or two before Christmas. They enjoy going to Grandma's house and spending a day baking and decorating. 

They don't always do the same thing every year. One year they covered everything in chocolate! This is super fun and super good! Anything, such as oreo cookies, pretzels, marshmellows, strawberries, apples, bananas, etc. Basically, if it's edible, it can be covered in chocolate! LOL The girls used milk and white chocolate. YUM!

They have baked the traditional shaped sugar cookies and decorated them with icing and sprinkles. Gingerbread men is another option. 

This year the girls will be baking cupcakes. They will then add frosting and decorate with sprinkles and such. My mom is also planning on making a gingerbread house. These are A LOT of fun and super easy thanks to the pre-made kits now available at stores. These kits are great because they come with everything you need to make a nice gingerbread house. The kids enjoy building the house, decorating it, and then eating it!!!

Whatever your holiday baking tradition is, have fun! Let the kids participate as much as they can depending on their ages. These are wonderful memories!!     

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