Monday, July 16, 2012

Interview with Morgan Ralston Art, The Artwork of Morgan Ralston

I am pleased to bring you today's Etsy shop feature. Morgan Ralston is a very talented artist and owner of Etsy shop Morgan Ralston Art. Morgan Ralston Art creates original paintings and giclee (inkjet or digital prints) in an array of choices including floral, cityscape, and landscape.

Let's learn more about Morgan..

Tell us about yourself, your shop, and what you make.
I'm a Canadian painter/artist born in Toronto and living in Vancouver. My father was a struggling artist and my grandfather was a hobbyist painter who studied under The Group of Seven's, A.J. Casson. I've been painting for nearly 15 years since I took up acrylics during my studies in college. Until recently I didn't know about Etsy. I was introduced to the site by a fellow traveler as she was remarking on a painting I had with me. Since then there hasn't been a day that has passed without my need to peruse Etsy's ins and outs! 

How did you get started?
I started drawing at an early age. I was 3 y/o when my mother gave me a pencil and some coloured construction paper. I was immediately hooked and have been drawing ever since! 

Tell about your favorite piece. 
I don't typically pick favourites, but when I do it's often the most recent piece I've worked on. This is because of the time and devotion I put into each of my pieces. However, for the sake of the interview I'd have to chose this pretty and petite floral painting.

I do love it and it is among the paintings I'm most fond of.

It is very pretty indeed! I am excited to share with you some other beautiful pieces from Morgan Ralston Art, check these out!

What inspires you?
Until recently, I had given up painting for some time. So I'll tell you what inspired me to returning to creating. A big dose of SUNSHINE! I spent 10 days under the Mexico sun and on the 2nd to last day something sparked in my head and I woke up wanting to paint! I couldn't stop thinking about images of things I could bring to live through acrylic, canvas and a fine tipped No.2 watercolour paintbrush!

Check out this website :

Thank you so much Morgan for sharing! You are an amazing artist!! 

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