Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Handmade Soap

TGIF! It is Friday again! This summer is flying by. I can not believe it's already the middle of July. The holiday season will be here before we know it. Has anyone starting considering gift ideas yet? I think I will be making a lot of my gifts this year.

This week, I introduced several new items in my Etsy shop consisting of sugar scrubs and soaps. All homemade and hand cut by me. I have found that I really enjoy making soap! It is a lot less time consuming than candle making.

Here are some of the items I premiered in my shop this week.. Let me know what you think!

Sugar Scrubs:

Monkey Farts Scented Sugar Scrub in a 4 oz plastic container. Monkey Farts is a juicy fruit medley of peach, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, and orange blended with creamy vanilla and an exotic musk.
Love Spell Scented Sugar Scrub in a 4 oz plastic container. Love Spell is a sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot & orange enhanced by hints of peach & berries on an undertone of musk.
Apple Jack & Peel Scented Sugar Scrub Cubes in a 16 oz glass jar. Apple and spices with a sweet background.
Glycerin Soaps:

Love Spell Scented Glycerin Soap 4 oz Bars.
Apple Jack & Peel Scented Glycerin Soap .5 oz Cubes.

For the sugar scrubs I used a clear glycerin soap base, olive oil, sunflower oil, white granulated sugar, skin safe fragrance oils, and soap dyes.

The glycerin soap bars and cubes consist of Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Coconut Oil, Triethanolamime, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Myristate, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Stearate, Sorbitol, Sodium Laureth, Purified Water, skin safe fragrance oils, and soap dyes.

The soap base I used was very easy to just weigh, pop in the microwave, mix, and pour!

I plan to make some more Monkey Farts Scented soap next week and also some different fragrances without using any dye. I'm not sure what the new fragrances will be yet but the soap will be clear.

Coming up soon:

~ More soap products in my shop

~ Introduction of J&J Bedtime Bath Candles (lavender, chamomile and other natural herbs - known for their relaxing and soothing properties).

~ Introduction of Vacuum Fragrance Salts

~ Interview with Etsy Shop Morgan Ralston Art

~ Interview with Etsy Shop These Beaded Dreams

~ More about my Etsy Shop

~ Possibly a guest blogger!

~ A story about how I got started

~ A recipe I would like to share with you

~ A Sizzling Summer Giveaway set to start next week. The prize will be worth $200!

~ Monday will begin a new fragrance of the week customer special

~ Friday's Fabulous Finds will be posted every Friday

This week's fragrance of the week is Twilight! The customer special ends tomorrow 7/14! Receive 2 FREE Twilight votive candles. To take advantage of this offer, shop and mention "TWILIGHT" at checkout. Your votive candles will come packaged with your purchase.

Here are current giveaways!! Make sure you are entered!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!


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  1. The Apple Jack and Peel soap looks very nice! I love the color :)