Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Colors of the Rainbow in the Handmade World

Colors of the rainbow! 

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have to stop and think about what the colors are and in what order they go in. They just so happen to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and then violet.

My topic of discussion today takes me back and reminds of when my 4-year-old was learning about the rainbow in preschool last year. It was one of her favorite weeks. At the end of the lesson she got to color her own rainbow. We had it hanging up on the wall for weeks!

I just created a treasury list over at Etsy consisting of handmade candles and soaps in the colors of the rainbow.. it's very pretty! Check it out here!

As my daughter learned in preschool, a rainbow may be seen in the sky after a rain shower by the reflection of the sun. The prism of colors we see is caused by the light of the rays reflecting on rain drops in the air.

Okay, back to the handmade part of my article. Candles! We all know that handmade candles are special. They have a special feel and a special look that make them different from just any ordinary candle. It is my opinion that handmade candles are higher quality candles due simply to the fact that they are hand-poured by an individual and more care is put into them.

I have selected some of the candles from my Etsy shop to display here in all of the colors of the rainbow except indigo and violet (coming soon perhaps?). 

Okay, I know these are not red. They are magenta, bright & pretty!
This orange wickless candle is pumpkin spice scented!
Bright yellow!
These wide votive candles are lime green!
Pretty in royal blue!
In closing, I would like to mention just a few benefits of using handmade soap. Handmade soap, like candles, is specially made and hand-poured by a person. Great care is taken in each measurement, scent, color, and shape. And let's not forget that handmade soap has fewer and simpler ingredients than just any ordinary soap. Ingredients that are better for your skin such as natural oils. And less chemicals that will dry your skin.

And here are some of the soaps I have in my shop..

Sugar Scrub Cubes in bright yellow!
Bright green handmade soap bars!

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