Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Studio Photo Tour of Clay's Craft & Candle Creations

Part of my work area. Where I keep most of my supplies and use the counter space to pour candles.

Supply drawer ~ Contains votive molds, fragrance oils, & skewers.

Supply drawer ~ Contains scale, dye chips, liquid dye, & color blocks.

Supply drawer ~ Contains wicks, wick dots, mold seal, hammer, screw driver, & chisels.

Pouring area.

This is where I do most of the pouring & I also use this space to measure my wax.

Melting area ~ Double Boiler Method

This is where I have been taking most of my photos for new products. It's just a sheet draped over the bookshelf right next to a window. The natural light helps take better pics.

My work table. This is where I label & wrap all of my products after they are photographed & posted on the computer.

Wrapped votive candles waiting to be sold.   

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