Monday, August 6, 2012

An Interview with Paige & Penelope and September Willow

I am excited about today's feature! It covers two Etsy shops with one owner! Meet Tami, the owner of Paige and Penelope and also September Willow. Read on to learn more about Tami's amazing creativity and her exquisite shops.

Hi my name is Tami Cicale and I run Paige and Penelope and September Willow on Etsy.

Paige and Penelope, where growing up is optional- vintage inspired hair pins and accessories.

September Willow- modern jewelry with a timeless feel- one of kind or limited edition modern jewelry with gemstones, crystals and metals.

I am married with two boys, 15 and 5. I work full time as a police officer and part time at a local community college where I teach Police Report Writing. Before Etsy, I constantly re-decorated and re-painted my house as a way to express all the ideas and creativity I had running through me. Now with Paige and Penelope, I can work with tons of color and textures and put together combinations that others would love as well.

My favorite order is working with brides; coming up with matching colors to their wedding scheme. I also love doing birthday favors for sweet 16 and Quinceanera parties.

I look at current color and wedding trends, nature, vintage tones and seasonal themes to put together my sets.

I love seeing my hair pins on my customers- with three boys in the house, no one here will model for me!

Business Goals
1. To grow both of my Etsy shops over the next few years so that when I retire, I can devote myself full time to them.
2. To see either of my shops in print magazines- I would love to open a magazine and see my creations.

Personal Goals
1, To spend as much time with my family as possible
2. To pursue the other things in my life that are also important to me; reading, baking and decorating

Three of my favorite items

Etsy shops
Paige and Penelope

September Willow
I started a blog recently and would love to have some new faces stopping by:

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Wow! Thank you so much Tami! Your hairpins are absolutely adorable!!

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